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ternary acid
an acid whose molecules consist of three elements
  activity series  
  bond energy
  bond lengths


  common names

  conversion factors: energy

  conversion factors: length

  conversion factors: mass

  conversion factors: pressure

  conversion factors: temp.

  conversion factors: volume

  covalent prefixes

  density solver

  diatomic elements

  e-config. chart

  element list

  gas law formulas

  Ka's of polyprotic acids

  Ka's of weak acids

  Kb's of weak bases

  metric conversion chart

  mole conversion chart

  molecular geometries

  organic prefixes

  periodic table

  periodic table (flash)

  pH/pOH converter

  polyatomic ions

  pressure converter

  SI units

  solubility chart

  solubility of salts rules

  solubility product constants

  stoichiometry chart

  temp. conversion

  temp. formulas

  thermodynamic data

  vapor pressure of water


  August 15 in chemistry
  1842 - William A. Tilden born: specific heats of elements; organic bases and alkaloids.
  1875 - Charles A. Kraus born: researcher on electrolytes.
  1892 - Louis de Broglie born: wave-particle duality (de Broglie relation); Nobel Prize (physics), 1929.
  1896 - Gerty T. Cori (née Radnitz) born: catalytic conversion of glycogen (with husband Carl); Nobel prize (Medicine), 1947.
   sources: http://webserver.lemoyne.edu/faculty/giunta/week.html, http://todayinsci.com

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