5/26/2017 - Block:
SOL TEST DATE: Monday 6/5
Extra Credit: go to World I SOL Resources, take the two SOL practice test (at the bottom of the list), and bring me a picture of your result on the day of the SOL test.
AP HUG: Tourism assignment due Tuesday 5/30 and Wednesday 5/31
Weekly Agenda
Week Of: 5/30/2017 - 6/2/2017 Posted: 5.26.17
This Week in AP HUG... Tourism assignment and work on shark tank assignment.
This Week in Block... Review for SOL test and 4th quarter test.
This Week in Leadership... Deliver SOL goodie bags.
Today in Class
5/26/2017- Today in 7th period AP HUG... Finished and discussed "After Spring".
Today in leadership... worked on the SOL goodie bags.
AP Human Geography Homework
date posted
Friday, 5.26.17
6th period AP HUG - HW due Tuesday 5/30: Tourism assignment.
7th period AP HUG - HW due Wednesday 5/31: Tourism assignment.
None Available
Honors World History I Homework
date posted
Friday, 5.26.17
Block - HW due Tuesday 5/31: Work as much as you can on the BIG SOL REVIEW PACKET because you will have the 4th quarter test on Thursday 6/2.
Extra Credit: Click on World I SOL Resources, at the bottom of the list there are two SOL practice tests you can take. Take a picture of your results sheet,turn them in by the morning of your SOL test, and you will receive extra credit for the quarter.
SOL TEST: Monday 6/5.
None Available
Test Dates
6th Period
7th Period
AP Human Geography Exam
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